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Campfire Stories
Sit around the campfire and enjoy Wacky Otter Campfire Stories series!
Wacky Otter Campfire Stories
10/28/2009 10:59:04 PM

Put on a Snuggie, grab some friends, light up the campfire, make some s'mores, and share some Wacky Otter Campfire Stories.  Below are some Wacky Otter Campfire Stories. Please feel free to add additional stories of your own.  

               On a dark and stormy night, Jennifer was on her way home from a party with her boyfriend Jack. Neither of them were tired, so Jack suggested that they take a little drive. Jennifer eagerly agreed and turned on the radio as they drove off into the darkness.

                They drove past isolated houses that disappeared behind them in the night. Eventually, Jack pulled over in a secluded area. He turned to Jennifer and smiled. He had waited all evening to be alone with her. Jennifer smiled back and reached over to turn off the radio. At that moment, a news bulletin interrupted the song. “Attention all listeners! A mentally disturbed man has broken out of Brady Mental Asylum. He is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous. Please remain inside with your doors locked. We will continue to bring news as it breaks.”

                “Did you hear that? We have to get outta here!” Jennifer proclaimed.

“It’s nothing. I’m sure the police have already found him. We have nothing to worry about.” Jack explained. However, Jennifer continued to insist on leaving and eventually Jack reluctantly agreed.

                “Alright, we’ll leave.” Jack said, “But I need to take a leak first.” Jennifer tried to persuade him, but nature called. “I promise I’ll be right back,” he reassured her. “Just lock the doors and stay here til I get back.”

                Ten minutes later Jennifer began to worry. After an hour came and went she wanted to go out to check on him. Then she remembered the radio’s warning. Eventually, Jennifer decided to get in the back seat and try to get some sleep. In the morning she would figure out what to do about Jack.

                Jennifer awoke hours later to a faint scratching sound on the roof of the car. She reasoned to herself that the noise was from the rainy and windy weather outside.

“It’s just a branch scratching the roof because of the wind,” she thought. Satisfied with her explanation, Jennifer fell back asleep.  A short time later she was awakened yet again. This time it was due to red and blue flashing lights.

“Great, the police are here! Maybe they can find Jack!” Jennifer thought as she sat up and looked out the back window.

                “You… In the car! Listen to me very carefully,” a voice from the police car instructed. “I want you to get out of the car and walk towards my voice. But whatever you do, do not turn around. Just walk toward me.”

                Jennifer was extremely confused. Still, she opened the car door as instructed. Upon stepping out of the car Jennifer again noticed the scratching noise.

                “That’s right, you’re doing good!” the voice encouraged. “Keep walking.”

Jennifer continued to nervously walk slowly toward the police car. With every step she took, she became more and more confused. The walk seemed to take an eternity to complete as suspicious thoughts were whirling around inside her head.

 “Why are they making me walk toward them? Where is Jack? Why can’t I turn around?” Her last question stuck with her and she couldn’t shake it.

                “Almost there!” the voice announced. “Don’t look back.”

Jennifer simply could not understand. “Don’t look back? Why not? What’s going on? Something’s not right,” she desperately wondered to herself.

                The police car was only a few steps away when Jennifer’s curiosity came over her. As she turned around the next moments of her life seemed to occur in slow motion. There in the tree next to the car was the source of the scratching noise… Jack!  He was hanging from a branch by his neck. As his body swung back and forth in the wind, his shoes were lifelessly scratching the roof of the car. Scratch.


.....more to come

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