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Buying a Digital Camera
You’ve decided to upgrade and get a digital camera to capture those special moments. But which one should you get? How much money should you spend? What about memory cards? Don’t worry, The Wacky Otter has your back!
First, it’s important to realize the advantages of digital cameras over regular ones. Digital cameras have the convenience of immediate viewing, ability to connect to a computer for editing and storage, and the fact there’s no film to develop. Some or all of these facts are probably reasons you are interested in a digital camera.
Now that you know why you want a digital camera, there are several things you need to keep in mind before you make your purchase. First, try to buy a camera with at least 2 to 3 megapixels resolution. If you plan on printing your pictures at home, then you should get a camera with even higher resolution. Also, make sure to get a camera with 100% glass lens and not a plastic one.
In regards to memory, you have two options. First, RAM is the internal memory within the camera. The higher the RAM, the more pictures you can store in your camera. To move pictures to your computer, you will need a special USB cable. Another option would be memory cards. Memory cards are inserted into the camera when taking pictures, and then can be removed and used to view the pictures with computers, TVs and other video equipment. Memory cards can even be taken to the store to develop pictures.
Other common features you should keep in mind when comparing cameras include zoom capabilities, battery time indicators, flash modes and viewfinders. Also, autofocus, shutter-release lag times, self-timers, voice memo and interchangeable lens could be other features you are interested in and should be compared. Finally, you may want to consider the different accessories the cameras come with such as USB cables, AC adapters, picture editing software and TV connection cables.
Choosing a digital camera can seem time consuming and frustrating. However, the benefits of using a digital camera over a regular one more than justifies this process. Just think of all those wasted pictures you’ll be saving. Feel free to email us at sales@wackyotter.com if you have any questions regarding our digital cameras.
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